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RENQ – ‘Renewable Energy Quotient’

Real generosity towards the future lies in giving all to the present.” - Albert Camus

RENQ- ‘Renewable Energy Quotient’ was conceptualized and established as an initiative towards green energy solutions that are effective, reliable and accessible; aiding the country’s intended energy independence. Founded by a team of idealistic and purpose-driven technocrats in 2013, RENQ has gained a rich repertoire within the industry over its service life thus far. Our association with MNRE (Ministry of New & Renewable Energy) as a channel partner under New Entrepreneurs Program was made possible due to our distinct contribution in promoting and implementing grid-tie PV systems in the state of Kerala. With clean energy emerging as an indispensable element in the global response and resolution to the climate crisis, RENQ is focused on delivering innovative and futuristic energy solutions. We guarantee our patrons, customized end-to-end solutions designed for superior performance while enabling a rapid, convenient and seamless transition. Our technology-agnostic approach allows us to focus on customer expectations and function as real-time problem solvers. The promoters at RENQ apply their valuable experience and impeccable judgment in solar feasibility, financial models, operating procedures, phased installation and maintenance of PV systems. With a transparent and cohesive team approach and absolute commitment to our stakeholders, we are in pursuit of our mission to leave future generations with a livable world.


Enable the transition towards green energy sources by promoting the concepts of sustainability, climate change and energy conservation; and by educating about the impact of renewable energy on overall social development.


Enable the transition towards green energy sources by promoting the concepts of sustainability, climate change and energy conservation; and by educating about the impact of renewable energy on overall social development.


A New Culture of Green Energy

Energy Conservation

Energy conservation, identified as the top priority within the sustainable energy hierarchy, plays a substantial role in contemporary society’s attempt to reduce its environmental footprint. Apart from curbing environmental pollution and resource depletion, energy-saving practices offer direct financial benefits to individuals and organizations. RENQ is armed with an exceptional team of energy auditors and consultants who guide our customers in attaining energy efficiency without compromise in security or comfort.

Energy Security

Given that the unhindered access to affordable energy plays the most crucial role in any country’s developmental and economic fortunes; energy security is a significant point of concern to nations across the globe. Since India’s energy vulnerability and dependence are a threat to our national security and developmental aspirations; identifying, developing, promoting and transitioning to renewable energy sources is an urgent necessity. With our path-breaking solar energy solutions, RENQ facilitates organizations, individuals and communities to move towards long-term energy security.

Carbon Emissions

India’s carbon emission is the third-largest in the world, making the country a significant cog in the global machinery, working tirelessly towards minimizing global warming and climate change. In compliance with the Paris Agreement of 2016, India has pledged a 33-35% reduction in our carbon emission intensity per GDP. The National Solar Mission of achieving 100GW solar capacity by 2022 is a vital measure towards that goal. RENQ’s consistent efforts in making renewable energy solutions accessible and profitable to our clients is our modest participation in ensuring a greener tomorrow.


As a socially committed business, functioning within the country’s current environmental backdrop, we at RENQ are acutely aware of our responsibilities. At the core of our company ethos is our allegiance towards sustainable community development fueled by social and environmental consciousness.

Feedback from our clients.

Team Renq,
One year and one month has gone by since we decided to partner with Renq and I have to say that our experience has been excellent.
We approached many service providers but found Renq to be most proactive and most transparent in helping us choose the right products and also plan our expansions in the best manner possible.
We installed a capacity of 104.58 kw with an inverter of 82.8 kw through Renq on the 31st of August 2021.
After 13 months of being in partnership with Renq, we are extremely happy with the purchase process, installation and continuous maintenance.
We have plans for expansions and have no doubts in going back to Renq for our future expansions.

- Jospaul Mathew, Managing Director
Palm Fibre (India) Pvt Ltd

We had a requirement for a 23kw grid-tied rooftop solar power system for our office premises.
The team at RENQ Power Solutions advised and helped us in choosing the right inverter size and panel types. Their service teams were prompt in updating us on the project status and were very transparent with us on all aspects of the installation.
They completed the KSEB inspection and helped to ensure that we were able to get our system up and running within the stipulated time.
All in all, Chacko Jacob and Thomas MT have put together a great team with an emphasis on customer service and quality. We look forward to working with them in the future.

- Chacko Cherian, CEO Rawdata Technologies Pvt Ltd

Team Renq,
Its been 2 years since we partnered up to produce green and sustainable energy for our institution. The quality of the installation and the ongoing service provided by the company are truly exceptional.
We installed a 107kw Solar Power Plant. Renq’s implementation of state-of-the-art technologies in our solar plant helped us produce clean energy taking us towards a greener campus.
The purchase process and the time bounced completion of the project made us extremely happy. We truly are looking forward to our green energy requirements with Renq power solutions.
Thank you

- Fr. Jijo Kadavan CMI, Director, Jeevas CMI Central School

Our clients

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